Château Thuerry L’exception rosé 2019


  • Full rich rosé
  • Ideal for dinner.
  • Wood-bearing for at least 7 months
  • Strawberries and other red fruit.


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After harvesting, softening of the skin takes place between 10 and 28 hours. This short duration in combination with the grape varieties results in this beautiful light color.
After fermentation, the wine remains in contact with the yeast cells, also called ‘sur lie’, for 4 months. This full-bodied rich wine has had a wood education of at least 7 months.
The beautiful vineyards are situated around the ultra modern cave.
The location is excellent, very good location in relation to the sun. The grapes for this rosé are harvested by hand.
Chemical pesticides are not used. An application has been made for Organic wine-growing.

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Country of Origin



Provence (VAR)


Coteaux Varois en Provence AOP

Grape variety

Cinsault, Grenache


Formidables Nuits lyriques à Château Thuerry, à Villecroze - Var-MatinChâteau Thuerry is a modern winery from the southern French Provence. The domain has 340 hectares of vineyards, situated between three villages Villecroze, Flayosc and Tourtour. This unique location offers protection from the wind and has an ideal position in relation to the sun. All grapes are picked manually. By combining tradition with the latest insights, they know how to make wines that find their way to connoisseurs in many countries.
Chateau Theurry has applied for the status of organic.


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