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Finca Luzón Tinto Monastrell/Syrah 2019

  • Intense fruity. Lively. Ripe, round tannins.
  • Full of flavour, made from the a.o. Monastrell grape.
  • Cherries and raspberries.
  • Finca Luzón Tinto Monastrell/Syrah


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Sweet / Dry
Low / High Acidity
Light / Medium / full bodied

Sourced from vines on soils of sand, loam and plenty of limestone, at an altitude of 650 metres.
Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 24 to 26 degreesfor 6-8 days.

Then the juice remains in contact with the skins for about 2-4 days to extract more colour and flavour. 

Bodegas Luzón in sunny Jumilla, Spain, makes modern wines with lots of fruit and lush, dosed use of wood.
These are generous, robust wines that will please both the wine connoisseur and the casual wine drinker. Comfort wine, you could say. The wines are mostly made from the Monastrell that is so typical for Jumilla.

Logo Luzon Pure TasteIn the heat and drought of Jumilla, it is essential to pick the grape at the right time. The perfect picking moment is something of an obsession for Bodegas Luzón: the grapes are harvested relatively early in order to preserve their freshness. This makes the wines rich with ripe fruit and sufficient acidity. The harvest is done by hand for better selection.

In the wine cellars Luzón works with an almost obsessive precision and hygiene. From the moment the grapes enter the cellars until they are bottled, Luzón keeps a close eye on the wines. The wines are tasted continuously in between in order to achieve optimum quality. It is no surprise that the cellar is also super-hygienic.
The wines are made with cold soaking (to preserve aromas) and careful pump-over technique (to extract more flavour). Unlike many wineries that only use American oak, Luzón lets the wines mature in French and American oak. The wood is therefore well dosed, pleasantly recognisable and not overpowering.

Bodegas Luzón provides a total experience with extensive opportunities for wine tourism. In the winery, visitors can be ‘Winemaker for a day’ and follow culinary workshops. And, of course, they can sample the wines. Every year, a large festival is held in and around the winery where Luzón’s wines are served.

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