Delheim, Pinotage 2016


  • Intense aroma of berries, coffee and freshly ground white pepper.
  • Full and powerful, intense fruit, lasts a long time.
  • Plums, black cherries, flowers and spices.



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Manual harvest. We are working sustainably and without chemical pesticides.

Fermentation starts at a low temperature and is then increased to a temperature of 24 to 26 degrees. The wine then matures for 15 months in a combination of large and small oak barrels, 15% of which are new.

Delheim is a household name today and guarantees high quality wines, as well as sustainable viticulture. As one of the first wineries, Delheim signed the BWI charter (BWI stands for Biodiversity and Wine Initiative, a collaboration between South African winemakers and local nature conservation, with the aim of stimulating biodiversity and ecological awareness). Nora Sperling: “We understand better than anyone that it’s vital to put what you take out of nature back into nature. We owe it to the land and to the wine industry to cherish our environment”.

Delicious with a hamburger from the barbecue. Also delicious with peppered tuna steak.
Serving temperature 16-18 °C

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In the heart of Stellenbosch, at the foot of the famous Simonsberg, lie the vineyards of the German wine family Sperling. The country house was bought in 1938 by Hans Otto Hoheisen and his wife Deli, after whom the Delheim domain was named. In the 1950s it was taken over by Michael Sperling and his wife Vera, who laid the foundations for the wine business as we know it today. Delheim is best known for its Chenin Blancs and Pinotage. They also make a special 100% Cabernet Franc which is very popular among wine connoisseurs.

When nephew Michael Sperling comes to South Africa in the early 1950s at Deli’s invitation, he has no possessions and only a tenner in cash in his pocket. He doesn’t know anything about winemaking. Initially, the Delheim country house was not intended as a winery either, but as a country house, where Hans Otto Hoheisen and Deli could enjoy their retirement. The few vineyards around the manor are meant more as a hobby. The few vineyards around the manor are meant more as a hobby.The few vineyards around the manor are meant more as a hobby. With trial and error and with the help of German winemakers in the area, the wines get better and better per vintage, until he is suddenly picked up in the 60’s by renowned American trade magazines as unpolished winemaker with stubborn wines.

After that business goes so well, that Michael buys a second winery in 1971, which is a few kilometers away. The winery is renamed Delvera, named after his wife. The vineyards in this warmer and drier part of Stellenbosch are called Vera Cruz and are ideal for the more powerful Shiraz and Pinotage.

Today, the two wineries collectively comprise 120 hectares of vineyards, accounting for some 360,000 bottles on an annual basis.


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