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CignoMoro PepeNero Spumante

  • Light yellow. With a golden glow.
  • Super fresh and accessible.
  • Citrus fruit. Tropical fruit.
  • Fine mousse
  • CignoMoro PepeNero Spumante


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One of our favourites. Pleasantly dry spumante with a fine mousse. Delicious as an aperitif.
Cignomoro is a small family business with a lot of potential, the big brother Primitivo di Manduria VV has been elected best of Italy for 4 years in a row!
The winery CignoMoro is located within the borders of Primitivo di Manduria DOC, the heart of the Salento peninsula.
The area where flavours and characteristics of the region are enhanced by the maritime climate and the high intensity of sunlight, which is very important for the development of the grapes.
The wines are produced with the utmost care and with great respect for nature.
The use of pesticides is minimal or non-existent.
🌐 http://www.cignomoro.it/

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