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Bodegas Valdejimena Rioja Tempranillo 2019

  • Smooth, juicy Rioja.
  • Delicious fruity flavours such as strawberry, raspberry and cherry.
  • Subtle hint of vanilla and tobacco by the (short) maturation in oak barrels.


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Rioja is one of Spain’s best-known wine regions where there is still a lot of beautiful and affordable wine to discover. That much became clear to us during our search for a new Rioja house.
Until ten years ago, the Diaz family supplied the grapes to the local cooperative. Aware of the high quality of the grapes, which disappeared anonymously in a large pool of Rioja wine, the family started making their own wine. By now, the fourth generation is already at the helm. Under the leadership of the quality-driven winemaker Gonzalez, irresistible wines are made.
They work hard in the vineyards to obtain the best grapes from the more than 100 hectares of vineyards. The vineyards are located in the eastern part of the Rioja, where Mediterranean and Atlantic climate influences mix. This provides ideal natural conditions for obtaining the highest quality grapes. The vineyards are situated in the best locations bordering the Ebro River and at the foot of the Yerga Mountains. Here it is nice and warm during the day and because of the altitude it cools down considerably at night, which keeps the grapes fresh and aromatic.
The combination of the best vineyards, hard work in the vineyard, precise and meticulous winemaking. The result is irresistible, generous, elegant Rioja wines.

Rioja is one of Spain’s most famous wine regions where there is still a lot of beautiful and affordable wine to discover. Time and again, the wines of Valdejimena came out as one of the best and we were amazed by the price-quality ratio. Our choice was easily made. We wanted to have these Riojas in our range as soon as possible!

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